Computer Support

Remote Assistance Istructions

  1. Call Paul Krueger @ 604-805-6222 to set up remote assistance session
  2. click on above link.
  3. Open or Run file (or save to desktop, then open & run)
  4. Double click on ""
  5. Double Click on "Kmsupport.exe"
  6. Double click on link when instructed by remote assistant

Click Here for Remote Assistance

Computer Tips

  1. Do not rely on technology to solve your communication issues.
  2. Choose a familiar, easy to remember passwords & remember them yourself, don't rely on the computer to remember them for you because they crash or get reset - and then many can't remember what is was. If you always enter your own passwords then you won't forget them. (This applies to critical phone numbers & the use of cordless or mobile phones as well - especially with kids - you can program the auto dials, but in an emergency you may need to remember phone number not "auto 8" for grandma's house!).
  3. For a better internet browsing experience, try using mozilla firefox, available in a free easy download that will transfer all of your favorites etc. - avaialable at